U.s. Olympic Speedskater, Alyson Dudek

Capture Sports Marketing developed a campaign for Olympian Alyson Dudekto use her platform to raise awareness for a charitable cause that would represent her brand moving forward. We quickly increased her social media presence and media exposure including news stories with ABC, NBCand Washington Post. Our team’s success helped her secure her largest sponsor and a national Olympic campaign with AT&T, including TV spots that aired during the 2010 Olympics. 

The Story

Hundreds of thousands of fans filled Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium as Aly prepared for the moment of her life. Every practice, every fall and every win had led up to this race. But for her, it was also about making it count beyond the ice. Looking back at all the moments leading up to where she was, she thought of the wide-eyed middle-schoolers staring back at her as she talked about bullying and shared her story with them.

Entering the 2010 Olympics as a short track speed skater, Aly wanted to not only connect with big name sponsors but also engage with her audience. Capture Sports launched an anti-bullying campaign during national bullying prevention month, to increase her media exposure and align her athletic career with a cause that resonated with her. Having had experienced and seen bullying on the rise, Aly wanted to use her visibility to build awareness for kids around the nation. 

Capture Sports strategically helped create partnerships, organized school visits, developed brand messaging and created a social media campaign, taking her platform to a national level. We also organized Milwaukee-area TV appearances, radio interviews and acquired a feature in M Magazine. By developing and executing Aly’s campaign, Capture Sports gave Aly the ability to use her platform to raise awareness for the need to prevent bullying.